Does AdScientist 4 support Yahoo's Panama system?

YES, AdScientist 4 fully supports Yahoo’s new Panama system.

Q: After upgrading my Yahoo account to the new Panama platform, what is changed in AdScientist 4 and how will I be affected?

Since Yahoo’s new Panama platform is a completely overhaul of the old Overture system, there have been some changes to AdScientist.

The "Get MarketState" (or Keyword Look Up) function will no longer exist in v4.0:

Instead of using the "Keyword Lookup" results and "Current Position" for managing your bids, AdScientist will be using a new "Forecast Data" feature that have been provided by Yahoo for bidding.

The screenshot below is the old Yahoo information about the "Bid Information" before the Panama update:

The screenshot below is the old AdScientist Overture 3.0 information panel:

The screenshot below is the new bid information given in Yahoo Panama platform:

The screenshot below is the new AdScientist 4

Yahoo will no longer be providing your "competitors bids" for the specific keyword:

This change makes the Yahoo's platform similar to Google adWords where you will not be seeing your competitor bids when bidding for your own keywords. AdScientist will be using a complex bidding algorithm similar to Goolge AdWords campaign management.

Bidding algorithm has been changed:

You can no longer bid to a specific position, but rather will have to use a similar bidding algorithm as with Google AdWords.

New AdScientist 4 will allow you to manage your Campaigns, Ad Groups, AdCreative and Accounts:

We have implemented a number of new features that you can use with the Yahoo Panama Platform.

You can manage:

Campaign: Change your "Daily Spend" budget; change the "Status" of the campaign.

AdGroups: Change your "AdCreative"; add more adcreatives; change the status of the Maximum bid.

Account: You can change all the account details; daily spend limit; and even put more money into your account through Bid Max.

Questions about the update? Contact us!

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