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Running a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign can be a very costly and time consuming task. You can spend hours every single day watching and updating your keywords or leave them as is and lose money when your competition is outbidding you.

AdScientist is just what you need to get the most out of your advertising budget and always stay one step ahead of your competition. AdScientist lets you: Here are just some of the features that AdScientist offers:

Maintain Your Desired Positions and Bids Automatically

With AdScientist, you can define the target position you want to bid for and the maximum bid amount you want to spend and the program will always maintain your desired positions automatically. For example, if you set up the program to bid to #3 position for all your keywords, then the program will always maintain this position for you 24x7. Additionally, you can set up the program to target different positions for different keywords.

Never Exceed your Maximum Bid

You can specify a maximum bid (upper limit) amount you want to spend together with your target position and AdScientist will try to maintain your target position but not exceed your Maximum Bid. Further more, if the program cannot attain your desired position, it will try to find the best value position within your Maximum bid limit and bid to that position.

Smart Bidding Algorithm for Google Adwords

Google Adwords works differently from other PPC search engines such as Yahoo (Overture), Miva (US), and others. Since you can not actually control the position of your AdWords listing, we have implemented an intelligent bidding algorithm to work with Google Adwords, so that you can make sure that you always maintain your target (highest) position as possible and keep your cost per click lower.

Set Back Position

Allows you to target your advertising at different position during a certain period of time. For example, you want to bid to #1 position (a higher position) during the business hour, but you also want to set to position #5 (a lower position) or offline during the night. With our Set Back Position feature, you can specify two different positions at different time periods, so that you don't need to waste your clicks that do not generate any sales.

Close Bid Gaps

Since your competitors update their bids from time to time, it may create bid gaps between your listing and next bid. With AdScientist, each time you update the bids, the program will remove the bid gaps automatically to maintain your target position at the lowest cost possible.

AdScientist allows you to maintain your position at the lowest cost possible by fixing bid GAPs automatically, so that you don't overpay for the clicks.

Our recent study has shown that over 85% of the bids on the Pay Per Click search engines are overpaid and the advertisers waste thousands of dollars because they are either not aware or don't have time to close bid gaps..

For example, if you bid on a keyword for $0.50, but the next advertiser below you is only paying $0.15, you can lower your bid to $0.16 and save save $0.34 (68%) per click. Since other advertisers keep changing their bid prices, bid gaps and positionsl also change frequently. AdScientist will monitor every single one of your keywords and will adjust your bids accordingly..

Bid to Best Value Position Range

This powerful feature allows you to bid to a position range rather than a fixed position, so that it will save you more money and give you the best results. For example, in following situation:

#1 -- $1.05
#2 -- $0.86
#3 -- $0.78
#4 -- $0.66

If you choose to bid to a fix position #1, you may end up spendind the maximum bid amount. A smart strategy would be to bid to a position range. For example, you can tell the program to bid between position #1 - #3, the program will find the best value position (biggest bid gap) and bid to that position for you. In this case, the program will bid to #2 position for $0.87 instead.

Competitor's Killer (Bid Jamming)

Stay on top of your competitors and drive your competitors crazy.
AdScientist allows you to stay on top of your competitors in (PPC) pay per click search engines and keep your cost down by optimizing your position to the TOP 3 positions automatically.

To bid on the Top 3 positions at Overture (Yahoo Search Marketing) and Overture UK is always preferred because the top 3 listings will be shown up throughout their partner distribution neywork, which means that you will get more traffic and sales if you remain within the top 3 positions.

AdScientist has a smart "AutoBid" feature that allows you to bid to the #1 position or the top 3 positions automatically according to the parameters you set. It will always try to bid on the #3 position if possible to keep your cost down, or automatically adjust your position to the #2 or #1 position depending on the bid gaps between #3, #2 and #1, so you don't pay extra for position #1 or #2 when #3 position receive the same results as #1 or #2.

Plus, there's more:

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